Community Giving

Through our community giving, Linden Hills Co-op is commited to building healthy and sustainable neighborhoods and organizations.

Our Third Quarter Grant Recipients

Caring Carrot Grant - Southside Community Health Services

Bountiful Beet Grant - North Country Food Alliance

Abundant Apple Grant - The Food Group/Fruits of the City

Lake Harriet Spiritual Community recieved a $250 Grant 

Annual Contributions

Linden Hills Co-op is committed to the 7th Cooperative Principle, Concern for Community. A staff donation committee is responsible for allocating community donations and quarterly grants, organizing register round-up programs and communicating the co-op's community giving to staff, members, and co-op shoppers. 

Community Donations

Linden Hills Co-op frequently donates to events and fundraising initiatives hosted by local non-profit organizations in amounts of $25 to $100. The co-op donates $100 a month in community donations, resulting in $1,200 a year. 

Community Grant Program

We encourage local, community-based non-profits to apply for our mini-grants issued quarterly. We are offering 3 tiers of grants each quarter: Abundant Apple $575 grant, Bountiful Beet $750 grant, and Caring Carrot $1000 grant, resulting in $9,300 annually. 

Midwest Food Connection

Linden Hills Co-op is an ongoing sponsor of Midwest Food Connection. Midwest Food Connection educates children in the Twin Cities about healthy foods, local sustainable farming, and the origins of our food.

Annual Sponsorships

Linden Hills Co-op sponsors the healthy snack program at Beth El Aleph Preschool in St Louis Park. Linden Hills Co-op provides donations of fresh fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis. 

Community Initiatives

In addition to providing financial assistance, the co-op regularly serves as a site for other community donations. Periodically throughout the year, we collect used books for the library,  collect monetary donations and goods for the Food Shelf, and collect spare change at the register for local charities or small family farms. 

Seedling Fund

Every time you bring your own bag to the co-op, you have the option to donate or keep your 5 cent per bag credit. Donated bag credits become the Seedling Fund! Each October, members elect two local, environmentally focused organizations to support with the Seedling Fund during the fiscal year. Annually, the Seedling Fund totals an average of $3,000. During the 2016(17) fiscal year, our members elected to support the Sustainable Farming Association and the Minnesota Food Association. 

Sustainable Farming Association

The Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota supports the development and enhancement of sustainable farming systems through farmer-to-farmer networking, innovation, demonstration, and education.

Minnesota Food Association

The mission of Minnesota Food Association (MFA) is to build a sustainable food system based on social, economic, and environmental justice through education, training and partnerships.

How to Apply 

Community Donation Requests

Local non-profit organizations are welcome to apply for a donation from the co-op. This includes monetary support, co-op gift cards or in-kind products and services ranging from $25 to $100. All donation requests must be made by completing a Community Contributions Application. The Donation Committee reviews and allocates community donations on a monthly basis. All donation requests must be submitted by the 15th of each month and will be allocated during by the first week of the following month. 

Grant Applications

We encourage local non-profit organization to apply for our grants issued quartely. We are offered 3 levels of grants each quarter: Abundant Apple $575 Grant, Bountiful Beet $750 Grant, and Caring Carrot $1000 Grant. Grants are distributed quarterly during the months of September, December, March, and June. The application deadline for the upcoming June grant cycle is May 22nd. In order to be eligible to receive a grant from the co-op, organizations must have 501(c)(3) status. If interested, please fill out our Grant Application

Have a Question?

Questions may be directed to Leigh Huck, Membership and Community Outreach Coordinator, at 

Donation Recipients

During the co-op’s 2015(16) fiscal year, Linden Hills Co-op contributed over $40,000 in monetary donations to non-profit organizations. Below is a complete list of last year’s donation recipients.

Land Stewardship Project
Women Against Military Maddness
Tergar International
Children's Theatre Company
Planned Parenthood Minnesota
Academy of Whole Learning
Wood Lake Nature Center
Southwest High School Soccer Program
Wayside House, Inc.
Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy
Epilepsy Advocacy & Employment Group
Common Ground Meditation Center
St Joseph Worker Program
Minneapolis Public Schools/ Southwest Community Eduation
Partnership Resources
Make-A-Wish Foundation
Normandale PTO
Lake Harriet Spiritual Community
Young Dance
North Country Herbalist Guild                      

Crescent Cove
Southwest High School Music Boosters
Friends for a Non-Violent World
Southwest High School Basketball Booster Club
Kenwood Elementary School PTA
Real Food Challenge U of M Chapter
St Davids Center for Child & Family Development
International Spanish Language Academy               The Blake School
Reach for Resources
Carlson 4 Community/Can Do Canines
Land Stewardship Project
Great River Greening
Lake Harriet Community School
Southwest High School Southwest Foundation
Open Arms
Linden Hills Power & Light
Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute
Sexual Violence Center

 Wirth Food Co-op                                                  Joyce Uptown Food Shelf                                        Cool Planet                                                  Sustainable Farming Association                  Gardening Matters
 Women's Environmental Institute
 Appetite for Change
 Youth Farm                                                    Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light
 The Audobon Center of the North Woods
 The Food Group- Fruits of the City
 Minnesota Food Association
 Loaves and Fishes
 North Country Food Alliance
 Wilderness Inquiry on behalf of Jefferson Community  School                                                                  Beth El Aleph Preschool                                    Linden Hills Farmers Market                              Neighborhood Roots                                          Linden Hills Neighborhood Association                      Shared Capital Cooperative                                Midwest Food Connection