Our Co-op

Owners + Community + Local

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to operate the highest quality natural foods retail store in our community. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and integrating our business practices with our core values:

Our Ends Policy

  • Provide healthful choices for our owners and shoppers

  • Offer, promote and use sustainable, earth-friendly products

  • Build community within Linden Hills and neighboring communities

  • Encourage education and activism on sustainability, health and nutrition related issues. 


Linden Hills Co-op opened its doors in 1976, focused on bringing a food-focused community store to the Linden Hills neighborhood. The primary catalysts of our inception were to create community and provide pure food options.  Food you can trust; less processed, less packaged, whole foods available at a reasonable price. This motivation is still at the core of our store's identity today.

In our forty-one years of business, Linden Hills Co-op has moved and expanded our offerings four times while remaining the neighborhood’s primary grocer. Our store has remained small enough to meet your neighbors yet big enough to meet your needs. We have sought to nurture strong ties to our community through our ample selection of locally made and raised foods and our community giving program.  The co-op has always served as a gathering place; here to nourish bodies and lives.

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Cooperative Philosophy
The cooperative business model has proven successful at blending and meeting value-centric and profit goals. This approach allows a cooperative to make decisions that are healthy for its member-owners, employees and community.

Co-ops are thriving nationally and internationally. Linden Hills Co-op supports and aligns with the International Cooperative Alliance’s 7 Cooperative Principles:

• Voluntary and Open Membership

• Democratic Member Control

• Member Economic Participation

• Autonomy and Independence

• Education, Training and Information

• Cooperation among Cooperatives

• Concern for Community

Community Giving

Because of our owners and shoppers, we are able to contribute generously each year to a variety of non-profit organizations. Through our sponsorships and donations, we support local organizations, provide education and create community connections. 


Our Board of Directors and co-op staff work together to establish and implement the strategic objectives of our business, both financial and ethical. Together they monitor the resources and direction of the co-op to ensure its continued presence in the community for years to come.


The ability to become an owner of the co-op distinguishes our store from other food grocers.  Here you have the opportunity to own a part of our business; this gives you a voice in how our store is operated.  Ownership also provides additional savings in our store through owner specials and monthly discounts.

Policies & Practices

We adhere to policies and standards that allow us to provide exceptional service and products.  We are committed to ensuring that each item in our store meets our ingredient guidelines.  Additionally, we support local businesses and farms and non-GMO products.