9,000+ member-owners and growing

Our Owners

Linden Hills Co-op continues to thrive because of our engaged and growing member base. Our 8,000+ member-owners not only provide capital for our business to expand and stay healthy, they help steer the direction of Linden Hills Co-op by voting in annual board elections and by being active consumers.

How Membership Works

Member-owners simply buy $80 worth of equity shares in Linden Hills Co-op and in return, they receive exclusive benefits such as monthly coupons and annual patronage refunds. If you’re ready to become a member, all you have to do is fill out a member application found at the customer service desk or download one here and purchase your shares at any register. We will then provide you with a member number that you will use every time you shop.

Membership Benefits

Monthly discount coupons, good for $5 off a $50 purchase. Total value: up to $60 per year
Member specials change monthly; look for the blue member specials signs on the shelves
Discounted class fees at Linden Hills and other co-ops
Free biweekly specials email and periodic action alerts
10% discount on pre-ordered cases of products
Voting privileges in co-op elections, choosing members of the board of directors, and deciding on important issues

Membership FAQ

Q: Is there an annual fee required of members?

A: No, the $80 you pay at the beginning of membership is a one-time fee for membership.

Q: What if I move away or choose not to be a member any longer?

A: Co-op membership is an investment and like any other investment, you may choose to divest your $80 from the co-op at any time. You will need to fill out a resignation form, which you can ask for at the customer service desk. Please allow us 60 days to process your resignation and return your investment to you.

Q: If I’m a member at another co-op in the Twins Cities metro area, do I receive member benefits at Linden Hills Co-op? 

A: Yes.  Twin Cities co-ops have a reciprocal agreement with each other that allows a member of one co-op to receive member-exclusive sales and case discounts at another co-op. If you are a Wedge member, for instance, simply tell your cashier and we will apply any applicable member promotions.  However, your monthly member coupon can only be used at the co-op you invested in.