Tips for shopping in bulk

Once you’re in the bulk aisle, look to see what items you usually purchase in packages or cans that you can now purchase in bulk. Explore a bit, maybe trying one or two new items each visit! Deborah Madison loved LHC’s bulk tea selection. Linden Hills Co-op has plastic and paper bags to hold bulk items and handy sticky labels to write PLU's on.  Additionally, we sell a vast selection of containers you can buy and put to use right away.  If you bring your own clean container from home, just weigh the empty jar or canister, write down the weight and the PLU number from the product bin on a sticky label, and the cashier will weigh and price your purchase for you at check-out.

When filling your containers, use the scoops provided. You’ll want to take your time and not make unnecessary messes, but if you spill something, don’t panic. Ask a staff person for assistance in cleaning it up. Also ask a staff person if you’d like to order a large amount of an item (a 25-pound bag of millet for example), we may be able to special-order it for you.

Most important, don’t be intimidated by the bulk foods section. It really is as fun and as shopper-friendly as it looks. For your own benefit and that of the planet, make a habit of bulk buying!