Midwest Food Connection

"Midwest Food Connection envisions a society in which all people can improve their quality of life by consuming healthful foods and by supporting a local economy of sustainable food producers."

Midwest Food Connection is a non-profit organization that empowers elementary school children to make healthy and responsible food choices.  Each year, MFC reaches over 6,700 children in more than 51 metro schools in the Twin Cities.

Midwest Food Connection (MFC) was founded in the early 1990's; it was the brainchild the general managers at the Wedge and Mississippi Market Co-ops.  Both sought an outlet for community outreach—one that would have the maximum benefit on the community.  Ultimately, they decided to develop a program that would teach school children about healthy eating and sustainable farming. 

Educating young children allows co-ops to instill healthy eating habits and cooperative values at an age when those habits are most likely to be adopted. The school systems provide the time, space and context necessary for successfully introducing healthy eating habits, sustainable farming practices and co-operative values. 

In 2001, Linden Hills Co-op became the 3rd sponsor of MFC.  Today, 6 area co-ops (Wedge, Seward, Linden Hills, Mississippi Market, Lakewinds and Valley Natural Foods) sponsor MFC.  Linden Hill Co-op’s partnership with MFC fulfills the fifth co-operative principle regarding “Education, Training and Information." 

MFC specifically targets schools in the neighborhoods of sponsoring co-ops. Many of the children whose families shop the co-op are also ones who had the opportunity to take MFC's lessons. 

This year, Midwest Food Connection is celebrating their 20th anniversary! 

Midwest Food Connection's Linden Hills Annual Report for FY 2015/2016

• The MFC residency at Lake Harriet Lower School provided a full series of lessons for all students in grades K-3 again this year.

• MFC taught 150 lessons in 6 schools in the Linden Hills Co-op community this year, 62 lessons were paid for by school grants, which is    a strong affirmation of how much these parents value of our lessons.

• 1,130 children in Linden Hills target schools received lessons this year.

• Midwest Food Connection taught a total of 1,013 lessons in the Twin Cites Metro Area in the 2015/16 school year.

• The Windom, Carondelet and Burroughs PTA have indicated they will again approve grants to fund additional lessons in the next school year.

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Below are thank you cards the co-op has received from the children for sponsoring lessons at local schools.