Bike Benefits Program

Join the revolution....and save 5%!

Bicycle Benefits is a national program designed to reward bikers for their commitment to cleaner air, personal health and a more sustainable community. A Bike Benefits membership costs $5 and never expires. As a member, you’re eligible to receive small discounts at over 90 local businesses in the Twin Cities Metro every time you bike to their locations and show your sticker!

At Linden Hills Co-op, we currently offer a 5% discount for purchases over $10 to members of the Bike Benefit program who have biked to the co-op. We extend the same discount to our customers who sign up for the program and walk to the co-op. As you’re checking out, let your cashier know if you would like a Walker’s Card or a Bike Benefits sticker.

Please help us support this program by only asking for the discount when you did in fact walk or bike to LHC. Our benefit may change monthly or seasonally.

Visit to view other participating businesses and the deals they offer.

Other Linden Hills businesses who participate:
Hello Pizza

Tommy T Cyclery

France 44

Discounts vary between businesses. Businesses who participate in the program reserve the right to change or discontinue the Bicycle Benefit discount program at any time.