Co-op Shopping Basics

Buy in Bulk

Save money and the environment by shopping in the bulk aisle:

• Free paper and plastic bags are available in the bulk   section, and glass and plastic containers for sale.

• If you bring a container from home, weigh the empty   container and record the weight of the container on a   paper sticker (the “tare weight”).

• Write down the bin number on the sticker.

•The cashier will deduct the weight of the empty          container before charging you for the product AND    give you a rebate on containers you bring from home.



Look for Local Food and Products      

Look for the green LOCAL symbol on fresh produce, meat, dairy and other products—it means the item was grown or made in our five-state region: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and the Dakotas. Nearly 30% of all the food we sell is from local farmers and local suppliers. 

Look for New Items

Keep an eye out for new items! The co-op is constantly bring in new products to meet the needs of our members and shoopers. Look for the red NEW signs throughout the store. 

Bring Reusable Bags

Each time you bring your own bag, you are eligible to deduct 5¢ per bag from your total. Keep your 5¢ or ask your cashier to donate it to the Seedling Fund. The Seedling Fund supports two local environmental organizations per year elected by member vote. Learn more about our

Special Order 

Pre-order cases of any of our products and receive 10% off if you're a member, 5% for non-members. Place your order for any bulk or grocery items at the customer service desk or call 612-922-1159 during store hours. For special orders of vitamins, supplements or body care items, stop at our Wellness desk, and for special orders from the deli, contact our deli manager.

Watch for Savings        

Linden Hills Co-op is a member of the National Cooperative Grocers Association, and they negotiate the best possible prices on great products for co-ops around the country. Sales flyers are posted on our specials and savings page, emailed out bi-weekly in our e-newsletter and available throughout the store. Look for member only specials, bi-monthly coupon books, and other special offers, too!

Stay Connected

Sign up for our weekly e-newsletter, pick up an informational handout in the store, and look for our bi-monthly newsletter mailed to member homes. Follow us on social media! Linden Hills Co-op is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. 

Comments and suggestions?

We welcome your suggestions and comments! Fill out a customer comment form, call our customer service desk at 612-922-1159, send an email to, or talk to a staff person in the store. Be sure to leave your name, phone number or email address if you would like a personal response. This is your store—tell us what’s on your mind!