Purveying an exceptional selection of practical and specialty bulk products, all from the purest sources.

Linden Hills Co-op makes it easy to reduce packaging and save money when purchasing from our bulk department. We carry a wide variety of products from local vendors, including many gluten free options. 

What we offer

You will find a vast selection of dry, refrigerated, and wet bulk items, many from local sources.  We seek to provide affordable prices on fairly produced and traded goods.

Our bulk variety is truly unique and fun to explore.  You will be delighted with what you find and eager to savor your bulk treats!

We encourage shoppers to bring a container. After you weigh the empty container, note its weight along side the PLU on the bulk bin and the cashier will do the rest. Its easy, economical and the right thing to do! 

List of bulk items we carry:

• coffee

• nuts

• beans

• teas

• nut butters

• grains

• spices

• oils, honey, syrup  

• nutritional supplements

• baking essentials

• granola

• personal care products 

• sweet & savory snacks        

• dried fruits

• cleaning products

Benefits of Buying Bulk

Our bulk department allows you to stock up on pantry staples and try new foods while saving money and reduce packaging. We offer everything from breakfast cereal to wheatberries. We have more than one hundred flavorful and aromatic teas in stock every day.

Your budget
Buying in bulk is economical. Our co-op is founded in part on the advantages of bulk-buying principles; combining member resources to purchase large amounts from wholesale distributors in order to provide access to nutritious food at affordable prices. In fact, many food co-ops started as bulk buying clubs, with members of the club buying in bulk together and sharing their purchases. Linden Hills Co-op enables you to share in the same kind of bulk buying with even greater selection.

Buying in bulk allows you to purchase only the amount you need. Most products (herbs and spices especially) are much less expensive per ounce than their prepackaged versions. After all, you’re not paying for all that packaging and advertising!  There’s no need to pay for what you won’t use.

The environment
Speaking of waste, it takes enormous resources and energy to produce cans, boxes, cartons and labels for packaged goods, which largely end up in our landfills. Nearly 80 million tons of waste is generated from packaging and containers annually, or nearly a third of annual municipal solid waste, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Even recyclable food packaging takes energy to produce and recycle. You are making a significant environmental difference by buying in bulk.

Your health
In addition to economic and environmental advantages, buying in bulk offers the opportunity to expand your healthy recipe repertoire. You can try quinoa or currants, adzuki beans or pine nuts before you commit to stocking up. You’ll often find a wider selection of items in bulk than on the prepackaged shelves. We provide the freshest product possible by rotating stock regularly.

Sensory Experience

Don't underestimate the fun of buying in bulk! When you purchase a product in bulk, you have first-hand experience with its aroma, color, and texture. No need to shake a box or trust the picture on the packaging to envision what’s inside. Shopping in bulk is fun for kids and adults alike! 

Additional Resources
Educational brochures from the National Cooperative Grocers Association, filled with helpful guides to cooking, storage and nutrition of various bulk products.