Cheese + Specialty

Curating a superlative collection of artisanal cheeses from local pastures

Whether you are planning an event or grabbing a snack, you will easily find delicious cheese at reasonable prices. Our staff is delighted to provide recommendations for pairings or information about our quality products. 

Our Offerings:

Over 250 specialty and everyday cheeses, more than half of our cheeses are local. Find pre-shredded Rochdale Farm cheddar cheese in bags for $2-$5.  Try a taste from our sample basket that has small pieces of many of our artisan cheeses.  We recommend our Linden Hills Own seasonal favorites, like beer cheese dip and hand pulled fresh mozzarella (summer only)!


Cheese Accompaniments:

olive bar

La Panzanella crostini

gourmet crackers from

Rainforest Crips, Potter's Crackers, Rustic Bakery

Cello parmesan crisps

Gourmet Thyme shortbread

Effie's Oatcakes

Ames Farm artisan honey

Divinia fruit spreads

marcona almonds & candied pecans


Our Buying Practices:

Our primary considerations when bringing in new cheeses are animal and land stewardship and local sourcing. Our buyers do extensive reaserch on creamery practices to ensure our cheeses are sustainably and responsibly sourced. In addition to this we also look at afforability for cheese that are for everyday uses.  We import European cheese to bring in unique flavor profiles as well.

A few of our local vendors:

Deer Creek

Redhead Creamery

Rochdale Farm

Cosmic Wheel Creamery

Shepherd's Way

Landmark Creamery


Saxon Creamery

Cow Cavier

Ellsworth Valley

Faribault Caves


Stop by our cheese department and talk to the staff! They love cheese and enjoy talking to customers about their recommendations and experiences with our different cheeses.

Additional Resoures:

A printable Local Cheese Pairing Guide. All items listed are available at Linden Hills Co-op.

An engaging story about the process of making Pamigiano Reggiano, featured in the New York Times.