Providing nourishing, flavorful, and convenient options for your next meal.

From freshly made soups and salads to gourmet sandwiches and rice bowls, our deli creates delicious entrees and sides for any occasion. We're committed to providing convenient options, without sacrificing flavor, nutrition or freshness.

What we offer

Linden Hills Co-op's deli is committed to provided fresh and convenient foods.  Our menu is constantly changing — bringing in new recipes and cooking up creative foods to meet the unique needs of our customers. Whether you are in a hurry, planning a dinner party, stopping in for lunch, or looking for a sweet treat, the deli has you covered.  Every day, the kitchen prepares fresh and delicious foods ready for you to enjoy, with the highest quality ingredients available. 

Grab and Go

The grab and go case offers a large selection for customers on the run. Grab a salad, sandwich or rice bowl on your way to the check out. Looking for something more substantial? The deli offers a wide selection of prepared meals that are fully cooked and only need to be heated.

Fresh Salads, Olives and Dips

If you’re planning a dinner party, our deli is always ready with a variety of freshly made salads sold by the pound and an assortment of tasty dips. Build your own salad at the salad bar or stop at the olive bar to add a little extra to your appetizers.

Hot Foods

If it's lunch or dinner you're after, there are lots of warm foods available. Head to the hot bar for a rotating menu of delicious foods made throughout the day, including a variety of hot soups. Have a slice of the co-op’s pizza or bring home a hot rotisserie chicken from the deli counter.

Baked Goods

Our bakery specializes in unique and delicious desserts, from freshly baked cookies to Irish cream chocolate cakes, from mini tarts to whole pies. Our in house bakers make tasty scones and muffins for the morning rush. All our baked goods are made in house everyday!


The co-op deli offers a variety of made-to-order hot sandwiches prepared fresh in the oven or panini grill. In hurry, grab a ready-made sandwich.

Kids Packs

Our deli provides snack packs just for kids! Conveniently packaged in ready-to-go containers, they make for perfect school lunches or car snacks. Let your kids pick their favorite flavor: Gluten Free Chicken Fingers, Egg Salad Sandwich, or Turkey, Cheese and Crackers. 

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Our buying standards

The deli strictly adheres to our product selection guidelines, which can be viewed here.

We pledge that:

Our meats always come from sources that are antibiotic free and raised without hormones.

Our seafood is sustainably sourced.

Our dry goods (grains, beans, canned goods) are organic when possible.

Organic produce is used when possible, based on availablity and cost.

We source local ingredients whenever possible, based on seasonal availability. 

The deli supports local businesses, stocking several items made by:

Lucielle's Jams, St. Paul

Sacre Sweet – Mousse and Panna Cotta, Eden Prairie

Down in the Valley – Gluten Free Bake House, Burnsville

Bittersweet Bakery – Gluten Free Bake House, Eagan

Sushi Avenue, Eagan

Holyland – Hummus and Pita, Minneapolis