Join Our Co-op

 Ownership offers the opportunity to invest in a local business that sustains the wellness of our community

Our co-op continues to thrive because of our engaged and growing ownership. Our owners help steer the direction of Wedge and Linden Hills Co-op by voting in annual board elections and by being active consumers.

How Ownership Works

Owners simply buy $80 worth of equity shares in Wedge and Linden Hills Co-op and in return, they receive exclusive benefits such as monthly coupons, owner specials, and patronage refunds. Each owner is given a unique  number that is to be used at the checkout to receive maximum benefits. If you’re ready to become a owner, head to our Customer Service Desk next time you're in the store. You'll be asked to fill out an owner application and pay the $80 fee. You'll have access to owner benefits immediately. 

Co-op Owner Benefits

• Specials coupons for new owners
• Owner discounts that save you up to $60 every year
•  Monthly specials for owners
•  Four Co+op Deals coupon books every year, distributed at the store
•  A percentage of store profit distributed to owners
•  10% case discount on pre-ordered products
•  10% needs-based discount for owners enrolled in CAP: Co-op Affordability Project
•  5% senior discount every Wednesday for owners 65 yrs. and older (at Linden Hills only)
•  Co-op newsletters mailed or emailed
•  A voice and a vote—elect the Board of Directors

How To Join:

• Fill out an application available at the Customer Service Counter
• Pick a payment plan for your eight shares of co-op stock
Buy all 8 shares at once ($80) OR buy 2 shares every three months for a year ($20 x 4).
We will remind you when it is time to purchase your next 2 shares, until you are paid in full.
• Through the CAP: Co-op Affordability Project eligible shoppers can join for just $10.

*To withdraw your ownership: Stock Refund Request forms are available at the Customer Service Desk. The co-op will repurchase the shares, subject to the provisions in the Bylaws.

Ownership FAQ

Q: Is there an annual fee required of members?

A: No, the $80 you pay when you join is a one-time fee for ownership.

Q: What if I move away or want to cancel my ownership? 

A: Co-op ownership is an investment and like any other investment. You may choose to divest your $80 from the co-op at any time to receive a full refund. You will need to fill out a resignation form, available at the customer service desk. You will receive a check refunding your shares within 90 days. 

Q: If I’m an owner at another co-op in the Twins Cities, do I receive owner benefits at Linden Hills Co-op? 

A: Yes. Twin Cities co-ops have a reciprocal agreement that allows us to extend owner specials and case discounts to owners of other co-ops. Let your cashier know which co-op you're a part of at the checkout and you will be eligible to recieve our owner specials and case discounts. Please keep in mind that you can only redeem your monthly discount at the original co-op you joined.