Tips for shopping in bulk

Buying in bulk is the economical, efficient and environmentally friendly way to stock up on the essentials. In our bulk section we carry hundreds of products, including spices and local honey and maple syrup. When you shop in bulk not only are you reducing packaging, but you are saving money! Everything in bulk is sold by the pound, so you can purchase as much or as little as you need. 

Shopping Tips 

• Look for items you usually purchase in packages or cans. Many everyday essentials can be found in the bulk aisle.

• Explore! Our bulk department contains nuts, seeds, flours, beans, unique grains, granola, candy, coffee and more!

• Purchase reuseable containers. We sell a vast selection of containers you can put to use right away. Remember to weigh your empty container before you fill it so you don't get charged for the weight, and don't forget to tell your cashier that you are purchasing a new container. We have paper and plastic bags available free of charge. 

• Bring your own containers from home. Remember to weigh the empty container before you fill it! Write down the weight and the PLU number from the product bin on the label and the cashier will weigh and price your product at check-out.

• Get inspired! Often you can find instructions on how to cook the bulk items on the product bins. 

• Stock up with a special order! Many of our bulk products can be special ordered in 5 to 25 pound bags. 

• Shop local. We carry a variety of local products from small vendors in our bulk section. 

• Save money! Most items are more affordable when purchased in bulk! 

•  Most importantly, don’t be intimidated by the bulk foods section! It's a fun and budget friendly way to get what you need. 

For the benefit of your wallet and the planet, make a habit of bulk buying!