Cheese of the Month | February


Pastures Pride in Cashton, Wi

Juusto is a unique, Scandanavian style cheese. It is a buttery, squeaky cheese, that is baked, giving it a carmelized crust. It is delicious when heated, and maintains its shape when warmed.

At the co-op, we currently carry traditional cow's milk Juusto, and NEW Juusto with spicy jalapeño peppers.

Find both varieties on sale in our cheese department this month for $4.99 per 8 oz block. 

Serving Suggetions

Juusto is best when served warm. Heat it in the oven, on a skillet, or on the grill until it glistens.

Traditional Juusto - The traditional style is a blank slate! Warm and cut into strips to serve with jam, honey, or syrups for an delicious breakfast or dessert cheese. You can also take the savory route and serve with your favorite savory dips, spreads, or on its own!

Juusto with Jalapeño Peppers - This variety makes the perfect appetizer when warmed, sliced and served with salsa or another savory dip!