Grocery Reset Coming in July!

Starting July 8th – 11th, our amazing staff will be resetting products on our grocery shelves to improve shopability and bring you more products you love!

Aisle maps and store ambassadors will be available to make sure you can find all your favorite products.

Why are you resetting the grocery department?

We are undertaking this project to help ensure our shoppers have the best possible shopping experience in the store. Resets help the shopping experience in the following ways:

+ Expanding popular categories and bring in new products – i.e.  chips, alternative milks, refrigerated grocery, and nut butters

+ “Adjacency” – putting like or complimentary items together for more efficient shopping – alternative milks near cereal

+ Moving hard to find products to better locations – i.e. condiments

+ Improve store flow

How can I stay informed during the transition?

During reset – July 8 – 11

+ There will be daily store maps and store ambassadors available to help you find to the new location of products.

+ Popular items will have a “Are you looking for ______?” sign at-shelf with the new aisle location.

+ Each aisle will have a temporary “You’ll find these items in this aisle!” sign with maps available.  


+ New product map and temporary aisle signs will remain available for customers to take for a few weeks after the reset.

+ Permanent aisle headers will be updated to reflect the new layout.


Thanks for your patience and support of the co-op!