Fresh Cut Friday! Save 10%!

Fresh Cut Friday is the perfect opportunity to stock up on the meats and seafood you love! 

Our Meat + Seafood department is committed to providing the best quality meats and fish. Local, organic, grass fed, and humanely raised meats take precedence in our case, all while keeping keeping affordability, customer demand and product diversity in mind. Come explore our meat and seafood department on the last Friday of the month and receive 10% off on all meat and seafood products! 

Upcoming Fresh Cut Friday Dates

April 28

May 26

June 30


Visit our Meat + Seafood department on these dates to stock up on delicious meats and fish fresh from the case, prepackaged, or frozen. Below is a list of some of our favorites. 







Housemade Lamb Sausage 

Gerhard's Bratwurst 

Sogo Beef Sticks 

Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon

Rushing Waters Salmon Burgers 

Ferndale Farm Cranberry Turkey Sticks 

Housemade Bulgolgi Beef Kabobs 

Kadejan Farms Chicken Livers 

D'artagnan Duck Hot Dogs 

Housemade Lemon Pepper Habenero Sausage 

Coastal Seafood Mahi Mahi Steaks

Thousand Hills Cured Summer Sausage 

Kadejan Farm Chicken 

Coastal Seafood Lobster Tails 

Olli Salumeria All-Natural Pepperoni