Amazing Avocados

Avocados are versatile, satisfying and good for you.  They can be prepared savory or sweet, and combined with almost anything for delicious results. Avocado is an excellent replacement for butter or cream cheese in vegan recipes. Bake it into brownies or blend it with sweetened coconut milk and freeze for a soft serve ice cream. Are you in need of a creamy salad dressing without the dairy? Try supplementing avocado. The possibilities are endless! Visit our Avocado Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Fun Facts about Avocados

• Avocados are over 75% beneficial fats and oils. They are rich in a variety of B vitamins, vitamin K and vitamin C.

• Most commercial avocado trees are cultivated through a grafting process, similar to apple trees.

• Avocados are a year round fruit. There are hundreds of varieties of avocados that fruit at different times, allowing for us to have an abundant supply year round.

• Adding extra lime or lemon to your guacamole will deter it from turning brown too soon.

Sprout an avocado pit to grow your own houseplant

  > Rinse your pit after consuming your avocado.

  > Bury your seed (wider end down) to the halfway point in standard potting soil. The top half of your avocado seed should remain above the soil.

  > Water your seed and keep it in a sunny, warm place.

  > Don’t let the soil dry out or remain soaked, and you should have a sprout in a few weeks.

  > Keep potting up your avocado plant to allow it to grow larger, but keep in mind that it will likely not bear fruit.