How to Cut a Mango

How to select a perfect mango

Gently squeeze the mango, a ripe mango should give slightly to pressure, similar to a peach or avocado. A ripe mango may also smell fruity near the stem end. Avoid mangoes with bruised or damaged, dry or shriveled skin, but don’t select a mango based soley on it’s color. The red that appears on some varieties is just a color variation as does not indicate ripeness.

How to cut a mango

Follow these simple steps!

•Set mango with the stem end down and hold upright. Make your first cut about 1/4" from the widest center part of the mango. Repeat this cut on the other side.


•Cut parallel slices lengthwise into the flesh, being careful not to cut through the skin. Stop here and scoop out flesh for mango slices!


•For cubes, turn your mango piece and cut another set of slices perpediular to the first set to make a checkerboard pattern.


•You can now either scoop your pieces out with a large spoon, or turn the mango piece inside out, pushing the skin up from below and then scraping the pieces from the skin with a knife or spoon.