Radish Guide

Easter Egg Radish

Known for its bright color and crisp, tangy taste this radish tastes great dipped in hummus or spread with cheese.  Slice thinly and use for a toast or taco topping. 

Daikon Radish

This radish works great for shredding and adding to salads or protein bowls.  Additionally pickling daikons is easy and makes a quick and delicious ferment.

Watermelon Radish

It's easy to see how this radish got its name.  This beautiful and bright radish is excellent for salads.  Thinly slice and it is a flavorful work of art for your next meal.  Cut up and substitue for chips to dip in ranch dessing, salsa and more.

Breakfast Radish

Delicious with eggs or sliced and salted as a breakfast side.  Try cut radish in greek yogurt with dill for a savory twist.  It's always a good idea to start the day off with fresh foods and radish is easy to incorporate into your breakfast routine.