Weed's Greens

Local, organic hydroponic microgreens grown in Lakeville, MN. Available at the co-op all year round! 

Weed’s Greens microgreens provide our members and shoppers with delicious local microgreens all year round in varieties such as spicy mix, sunflower sprouts and basil microgreens.  Weed’s Greens are grown hydroponically in Lakeville, MN. Hydroponics is a farming method in which farmers use water to grow their produce instead of soil. Hydroponic farming is mostly done indoors, which makes for a sustainable, efficient use of space and the ability to provide local produce throughout the year.

Not only are Weed’s Greens delicious and local, they are good for you. Microgreens pack more vitamins and nutrients than standard greens. As a sprout, the plant needs more nutrients to survive than a matured plant. Therefore, microgreens contain a greater, denser variety of essential nutrients.

Weed’s Greens vary in flavor and texture. The sunflower sprouts are nutty and crunchy, whereas the spicy mix has a mustard-like kick with a lighter, more delicate texture. All of Weed’s greens are delicious on toast with hummus or avocado, tasty on soups, and refreshing tossed in to a salad. They bring a satisfying, fresh taste to almost every meal.

Linden Hills Co-op is one of Weed’s Greens' most popular vendors, so the greens you’ll find at the co-op are the freshest and most delicious, harvested just a few days before you put them in your shopping cart.