A Guide to Winter Squash

As the weather turns cooler, winter squash is ready for harvest. Hearty and delicous, winter squash is perfect for a variety of fall meals. 

Red Kuri

The red kuri squash has a very rich, sweet flavor that almost has a spiciness to its taste. Although not as thick in texture as the kabocha, it still holds together well and is excellent either baked either whole or split.

Suggested Use:

Red Kuri squash is delicious when stuffed with lemony white beans, cooked greens and fresh herbs.


The slightly dry, orange colored flesh of the acorn squash have a definite nut-like flavor. Their large seed cavities are perfect for stuffing, and they are best when baked.

Suggested Use:

Roast in halves and fill the cavities with homemade mac and cheese for a hearty weeknight dinner. 



The flesh of the butternut squash is a deep orange color, with a distinctive butterscotch flavor that most people find delicious. They are quite tasty either steamed or baked! The smaller squash tend to be the sweetest.

Suggested Use:

Roast and add maple syrup or brown sugar for a sweet side dish.


The delicata squash has a moist, creamy yellow flesh that tastes and smells like a blend of corn, butternut squash and sweet potato. It is often referred to as the sweet potato squash. They are best eaten when steamed or baked.

Suggested Use:

Slice, roast and top with goat cheese. The skin is edible!


Although often used as a gourd for decoration purposes, the turban squash is very edible. Its orange-yellowish flesh is very sweet with a hazelnut-like flavor that most people find very delicious. Its texture is dry.

Suggested Use:

Cut it in half horizontally, and roast it open faced. Stuff the squash with curried rice and vegetables and serve with the halves together to impress your guests.

Buttercup Squash

Although it looks quite different from the butternut squash the buttercup has a very creamy, orange colored flesh much like that of the butternut. Its flavor is not as rich, but is still quite sweet.

Suggested Use:

Buttercup Squash is delicious when diced and mixed with a tart cooking apple. Season with brown sugar, nutmeg and lemon juice and bake at 400 degrees until squash is tender, stirring occasionally.  


Once cooked, the creamy golden flesh separates into miles of swirly, crisp-tender, spaghetti-like strands. The taste by itself is rather bland, but used as a pasta substitute with your favorite sauce and this squash comes to life, with far fewer calories than pasta as well!

Suggested Use:

Cut in half and roast, then scoop out the flesh and mix with pesto and walnuts. 

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