Composting 101


Composting is any easy way to close the loop in your home life. To compost means to collect your food scraps and paper waste and let them decompose to create a nutrient rich soil that is optimal for gardening. If you’re composting at home and have your own pile, be sure not to include meat scraps or dairy products as they take longer to decompose and you will likely get neighborhood critters digging through your pile. 

The co-op carries all of the items you need to for your kitchen compost whether you have a pile in the backyard or are composting with the city. 

The city of Minneapolis recently launched a large scale composting system that includes curb side organics pick-up in some areas and neighborhood drop sites in others. If you’re composting with the city, you can include meat and dairy scraps in your compost. Visit the city's website for more information.



Compostable Items in Your Home 

            Food Scraps

Food Soiled & Non-recycleable Paper

   Other Household Compostables

fruits & vegetables

napkins & paper towels (not soiled with chemical cleaners)

coffee grounds, filters & tea bags

bread, pasta & baked goods

paper plates & bowls (not plastic lined)

tissues, cotton balls & cotton swabs with paper stems

egg shells

take out boxes (including pizza) with no plastic lining

wood chopsticks, popsicle sticks & toothpicks

dairy products

facial tissue & tissue paper

floral trimmings & house plants

meat, fish & bones


animal & human hair, nail clippings