Kombucha Cocktails

Try these delicious summer cocktails featuring Bootlegger's Brewing Kombucha! 

 Bootlegger Brewing's Tornado Warning

• Pour one shot of your favorite local gin or vodka into a glass

• Add a handful of frozen berries

• Top with Lookout Lemon Berry Kombucha

• Add some ice

• Garnish with a lemon or lime


Bootlegger Brewing's Minnesota Mule 

• Pour one shot of Irish whiskey into a glass 

• Squeeze a slice of lemon and lime and drop them into the glass

• Top with Hearty Woodsman Ginger Kombucha

• Add some ice

Watermelon Margarita

 • Rim the glass with course sea salt

 • Add: 

       1 shot of tequila

       1 shot of triple sec 

       Juice of one lime 


       Cubed, seedless watermelon (optional) 

• Top off with Bootlegger's Watermelon Kombucha (about 3 oz) 

Tip: This recipe is also delicious blended!