Vitamin C Receipts at the Co-op

In September of 2015, Linden Hills Co-op launched a campaign encouraging members to switch to e-receipts. At the time, the co-op was using free receipt paper with printed coupons on the back that contained BPA. The e-receipt initiative was inspired by a strong desire to reduce staff and customer exposure to the dangerous chemical.

The co-op needed customer support in order to switch to a safer alternative for receipt paper. Because the vitamin C paper is more expensive, the co-op needed to dramatically reduce the amount of printed receipts to be able to afford to make the change. The co-op received overwhelming support during the September intitiative.  Over 600 members signed up for e-receipts online and in store and the co-op stopped automatically printing receipts. 

Six months later, in April 2016, the co-op officially transitioned to vitamin C paper! Our new paper is BPA and BPS free and safe for staff and customers. Today at the co-op, if you choose to take a printed receipt, you'll notice an orange tint to your paper. 

Members are always welcome to sign up for e-receipts online or at the registers. This service is available for members only.