Chef Kate's Cauliflower Pickles with Ginger & Tumeric

Prep time 2.5 hours | Cooking time 10 minutes

Makes about 4 pints

These easy, quick refrigerator pickles are excellent for anyone who might feel a little intimidated by pickling. Ginger and turmeric give them a vaguely Indian flavor, with a crunchy bite. These make a great accompaniment to a cheese plate, elevate a sandwich, or pair beautifully with grilled meat!

Vegetarian, Gluten-Free


•2 1/2 heads cauliflower

•1 large yellow onion (sweet or regular)

•2 tbsp kosher salt

For Brine:

•2 cups apple cider vinegar (distilled or unfiltered)

•1 cup granulated sugar

•3" knob of ginger, unpeeled

1 tbsp each of the following:

•ground turmeric

•coriander seed

•cumin seed

•mustard seed

•kosher salt


•Thoroughly wash all vegetables, including ginger. 

•Thinly slice onions and cauliflower (core too), toss with salt and let sit for 1-2 hours. 

•Drain, rinse, and pack tightly into jars.

•While cauliflower is salting, assemble brine. Toss all brine ingredients into a non-reactive pot and simmer to dissolve sugar, then turn off heat.

•When cauliflower is close, bring brine to a full boil and turn off heat.  Let sit for 5 minutes to cool a touch, then pour hot brine into jars just enough to cover vegetables. Having a tightly packed jar means less brine is needed, so shove it in! It's better to have 3 1/2 tight jars than 4 and not enough brine.

•Cool to room temperature and refrigerate. Pickles will be good to eat in a few hours, but the flavors get bigger if you can wait longer (3-4 days is great). They will keep 2-3 weeks in the fridge.