Baker's Field Flour & Bread

Baker's Field Flour & Bread was born from Steve Horton’s experience founding and growing Rustica Bakery. Working with flour every day to craft a variety of artisan quality breads gave Steve an appreciation for fresh flour’s fundamental role in good bread. And with that appreciation came awareness that good flour is hard to find, even in The Mill City.  

Steve partnered with Kieran Folliard at FOOD BUILDING to start Baker's Field Flour & Bread. With their combined vision and experience, Baker's Field is reviving stone milling, and baking naturally leavened breads in Northeast Minneapolis. All of the grains used in Baker's Fields breads and flours are grown sustainably and organically on farms throughout the upper Midwest. All grains are stone milled in the Baker's Field bakery in the Food Building. 

The co-op is proud to carry Baker's Field products. You can find Baker's Field in our bread racks. 


Baker's Field Products at the Co-op


Forefront Wheat Bread Flour

Soft White Winter Wheat Flour 


Hundred Rye Bread - 100% rye loaf

Table Loaf - multipurpose loaf with slightly sharp taste and chewy crust

Seeded Bread - round loaf with a dense crumb, contains toasted millet, flax, pepita and sunflower seeds

Pan Brioche - rich and semi-sweet loaf containing grass fed butter and organic eggs

Filone Loaf - Italian style baguette 

Butternut Squash Dinner Rolls - simple dinner roll containing butternut squash

Complete Whole Grain Bread - single origin, 100% whole wheat loaf


Chocolate Rye Cookies

Spelt Shortbread Cookies

Learn more about Baker's Field Flour & Bread on their website and Facebook