Deane's Kombucha

"Deane’s Kombucha is perhaps the only commercial kombucha brewed in oak barrels, fermented with whole, organic fruit, and in small batches. No short-cuts here. You’ll taste the difference, and more importantly you’ll feel the difference."

Bryan Deane Bertsch, founder and brewer of Deane's Kombucha, started making kombucha in 2006. He uses traditional techniques to brew his delicious kombucha. All of his brews are made in small batches and aged in oak barrels. All of the ingredients Bryan uses are 100% organic and fermented with whole organic fruit to create his unique flavors. 

Try Deane's Kombucha flavors like Buckwheat Honey, Pear Sage, Peach Basil, Cherry Basil, Blackberry Lemongrass and more! At the co-op, we sell Deane's kombucha in 16 oz bottles as well as 64 oz growlers. 

We love to support Deane's Kombucha because it's a 100% local! From his fermentation barrels to his glass bottles to his lables, Bryan brings care and attention to keeping his product as local as possible. And to top it all off, Bryan is a Linden Hills Co-op member!

You can learn more about Deane's Kombucha on their website or by attending one of Bryan's kombucha brewing classes throughout the Twin Cities.