Grass Run Farms

"Our mission is to make high-quality affordable, pasture-based meats accessible to anyone interested in healthy food and communities."

Grass Run Farms is a Colorado-based meat company representing sustainable family farms across the midwest and throughout the center of the US (Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska). Grass Run Farms sources only 100% grass-fed (no grain, ever!) beef, that is antibiotic and hormone-free, all-vegetarian feed (no animal by-products), raised and harvested in humane conditions, with grazing and pasture access whenever possible.

From their website...

"Our hardworking family farmers and ranchers are dedicated to the health and happiness of their cattle, the consumers, and their communities. 

On our end, Grass Run Farms ensures sustainable profits for our hard-working, family farmers, paying a premium above commodity beef prices. This reward for their extra efforts and care also includes a regular exchange of production information, adding value to their operations."