Gustola Granola

"We produce granola of exceptional quality, with exceptional care, and all from scratch. We use a small batch artisanal process, giving you just-baked freshness (no preservatives here!) and homemade quality in every bag."

This is Angie Gustafson, a Linden Hills local, co-op member and baker of Gustola Granola. She is a self-taught cook, who loves to prepare foods that make people feel happy and satisfied. "A hearty breakfast, to get everyone’s day started off right, ranks at the top of my list. As a mother of four, a fast-paced lifestyle also demands that I have a quick go-to healthy snack."

We love Angie's granola because it's deliciously crunchy and nourishing! Gustola Granola contains all natural ingredients like natural rolled oats, maple syrup, organic egg whites, brown sugar, olive oil, nuts and dried fruit. All Gustola Granola is baked in small batches in a local commercial kitchen. We carry all four varieties of Gustola Granola at the co-op: Almond-Pecan-Cashew, Almond-Coconut-Cherry, Pistachio-Pumpkin Seed-Coconut-Cherry, and Hazelnut-Walnut-Cranberry-Blueberry. You can find Gustola Granola near the cereal. 

With healthy nuts and dried fruit, Gustola Granola is perfect for anytime of the day! Add it to yogurt for a hearty breakfast or toss it with your salad at lunch to add a sweet and satisfying crunch. It's the perfect afternoon pick-me-up snack and delicious over ice cream for an after dinner dessert. Angie is constantly testing new recipes and trying new things in her kitchen. She's combined and tweaked her favorite recipes to create the delicious and nutritious treat that is Gustola Granola.