Healthforce Nutritionals

"Quality, therapeutic concentration, and affordability of nutritional products makes all the difference!"  Jameth Sheridan

Healthforce describes itself as a “100% hard-core, Vegan, therapeutic superfoods company.” Healthforce goes beyond Organic standards to make sure their products contain no detectable levels of pesticides, GMO’s or irradiated ingredients. Co-founders Jameth Sheridan, D.H.M. (Doctor of Holistic Medicine) and Kim Sheridan, Naturopath, began Healthforce Nutritionals with this purest stance and haven’t looked back.

 Healthforce specializes in unique formulas like Elixir of the Lake (a blue green algae powder harvested from Klamath Lake in Oregon), Warrior Food Protein (a plant-based protein that also includes therapeutic Nopal Cactus) and VitaMineral (a truly whole food multi) that can be mixed together for a truly “hard-core” health experience.