Hope Hummus

"We’re on a mission to revolutionize the fast-growing organic food industry by transforming the hope for better food and a higher quality of life into reality through our innovative, thoughtful and great tasting products and our passionate commitment to our people and our customers."

Hope hummus believes in providing a delicious product you can truat to be healthy and organic.  They are committed to their products being:

Organic  |  Non-GMO  | Gluten Free  | Kosher  | Fair Trade  | Vegan

Started in Boulder, CO by a barista, a burger jockey, a computer geek, a natural food store cashier what truly sets them apart is their refusal to follow the industry norm of heat blasting their products or filling them with artificial preservatives. All Hope products are always fresh, using cold pressure HPP technology, to ensure not only the highest level of food safety but also to retain peak flavor, texture and freshness, and nutritional quality in a refrigerated, shelf-stable product.

The revolutionary High Pressure Processing (“HPP”) has been utilized only in the last few years by high-end juice makers and some manufacturers of premium products. Hope is proud to be in the forefront of expanding HPP use in the organic food industry. Every Hope product undergoes HPP in a cold water bath after being sealed in its packaging. Pressure is applied simultaneously and uniformly ensuring reduced spoilage and eliminating the threat of food-borne disease.

Try one of their amazing flavors, like spicy avacado next time you are in store.  You will find Hope hummus in our deli department.