Just BARE Chicken

"Goodness.  It's what drives you to seek out and create healthy food. That's why we're committed to delivering more goodness to more people — at the highest level possible."

Our deli's rotisserie chickens come from Just BARE farms.

Just BARE farms are located throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Their definition of good citizenship is made up of the “4 Ps” of social value: People, Poultry, Planet and Progress—all interdependent elements where the wellbeing of one impacts the vitality of the others. Their goal: raising goodness in all areas while balancing our need for economic Progress. Just BARE uses no antibiotics and their chickens are raised on vegetables and grain.

The more you know about your food, the better you feel. Just BARE puts a unique traceability code on every package of Just BARE Chicken. You can find out where their chicken was raised and meet some of their family farmers.They're also committed to a healthier future for the planet, by using wind-renewable energy credits to help power farms and remain focused on lessening our environmental impact.

Learn more about Just BARE's commitment to sustainability and community partnership.  Check out their blog, The Good Plate for recipes and more!