Kadejan Inc.

 "Kadejan chickens roam freely in a spacious and clean environment. Our partner farmers ensure that their chickens are treated humanely from chick to chicken. "

Kadejan raises and processes naturally raised chicken in Glenwood, MN. Kadejan chicken is antibiotic free, free roaming, humanely treated throughout its life. "Free roaming" means that their turkey and chickens are not allowed outside in bad weather - a necessity in northern Minnesota ("free range" means the animals move freely in all weather). Kadejan feeds their poultry whole grains. 

Kadejan recently built a hatchery, which supplies all of the chicks for the farms that raise their chickens. Having a hatchery onsite allows for Kadejan to handle the chickens with care from the beginning.  

When it's time for processing, Kadejan employees process each chicken by hand, making for a healthier and tastier meat. All Kadejan chickens are air chilled, butchered and packaged by hand at Kadejan's plant. 

Learn more about Kadejan on their website.

You can taste the quality and care in Kadejan's chickens. Find them fresh in our meat department!