Living Waters Farm

Our vine-on tomatoes are proudly sourced from Living Waters Farm in Wells, Minnesota. Steve and Miriam Klingbeil own and operate Living Waters and have a history deeply rooted in farming.  Steve majored in agriculture, was an agriculture teacher, ran a dairy farm and operated a huge outdoor garden. Steve and Miriam are both passionate about growing food and the science behind the nutrition in this food. For over 15 years they have been specializing in high-quality, pesticide free tomatoes, peppers, basil, and cucumbers, delivered to co-ops and restaurants multiple times each week. Truly the freshest tomato available, other than home grown.

Living Water Gardens grows several kinds of hydroponic tomatoes including, yellow and red grape tomatoes, yellow and red vine-on, and beef steak tomatoes. Their gardens contain many greenhouses, and more than 7,000 tomato plants. Hydroponic operations are exceptionally temperature sensitive due to the crops and Steve uses huge, wood-burning ovens to keep their plants warm. Hydroponics cannot be certified organic in the United States, but Living Waters Gardens uses no pesticides, herbicides, or other contaminants on their crops.  Hydroponic means that a plant's roots are placed in liquid nutrient solutions rather than soil. An irrigation system is used to drip nutrients into crops every hour, this water must be a perfect formula to maintain optimum growth and nutrition of the plants.  Living Waters has their water tested annually to ensure their mixture is correct.  This farming process is highly intensive work that requires long hours of labor and maintenance which Steve, Miriam and their three daughters have enjoyed taking on together creating new memories each growing season.

Living Waters tomatoes are one of our favorite tastes of spring each year.  Enjoy them in salads, on bruschetta, toss with pasta or eat with cheese.  You really cannot go wrong with their fresh and delicate flavor.