Milton Creamery

The Musser family mixes fresh ingredients, art, and passion to create fine cheese.

Rufus and Jane Musser and their three sons Junior, Galen, and Mark are the family behind Milton Creamery. The Musser family works together to make cheese in Milton, IA, about 350 miles south of the Cities. Milton Creamery was started in 2006 as a joint venture between local Amish dairy farmers and the Musser family.

Simple dairy farming creates simply delicious milk used at Milton Creamery. All of the Milton Creamery milk comes from 65 cows on small Amish dairy farms. Herds are managed and milked by the immediate family. The cows are pasture grazed during the warm months of the year, and fed quality feed in the winter. None of the farmers that supply milk to the Musser's use artificial growth hormones, like rBGH and rBST. 

Today, Milton Creamery is solely owned and operated by the Musser Family with the help of a few outside employees. Galen has been in charge of making the cheese at Milton Creamery since he was sixteen. At just seventeen, Galen brought home his first cheese award from the U.S. Cheese Championship. Prairie Breeze™ won Best of Class in the Open Hard category.

We invite you to try some of their delicious cheeses like Prarie Breeze, Prarie Rose, and Flory's Truckle found in our cheese department.