Nordic Creamery

4th Generation Farm, with a 98 year history

Nordic Creamery is owned and operated by the Bekkum-Langard family in Westby, WI, about 3 hours down the Mississippi River from the Twin Cities. The family farms dairy cows and goats and makes their own cheeses and butter. Al Bekkum is a licensed Wisconsin butter maker and cheesemaker, crafting some of the finest, award-winning goat and cow’s milk artisan cheese in Wisconsin. 

Their cows and goats are grass fed in open pastures during the summer and eat mostly a grass hay diet during the winter. The animals receive no hormones, such as rBGH, and their dairy products contain no chemicals or preservatives. "We don’t need to add chemicals to our cheese or butter, our secret ingredient is freshness!"   

Nordic Creamery and all of their animals are Certified Naturally Grown, which means that the farmers don’t use any synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. CNG livestock are raised mostly on pasture and with space for freedom of movemen and their feed must be grown without synthetic inputs or genetically modified seeds. Learn more about the CNG certifications on their website

We love everything about Nordic Creamery and they think you will too! "We think you’ll love our cheese because our happy cows and goats produce some of the freshest milk in the area!” You'll find Nordic Creamery cheeses in our cheese department! 

Exciting News! 

This spring has brought new farm babies!  Stay tuned to the Nordic Creamery Facebook page for information on events and visiting their farm and creamery!