Pastures A Plenty

"Our farm is very much hands-on, requiring careful management and human attention to detail. We planned it that way."

Pastures A Plenty is a family run farm focused on sustainable, humanely raised hogs in Kerkhoven, MN. Pastures A Plently uses a holistic management model that incorporates concern for the environment, concern for community and long range financial security. They believe that fresh air and sunshine are the best health guarantee for their animals. 

Pastures A Plenty only uses family owned processors for their hogs, ensuring that the food grown on the farm is safe and healthful because the animals were raised in a clean environment, harvested in a clean and humane facility, and the products delivered to you at the proper temperature in clean equipment. 

The Vanderpol family is proud of the meats that their farm produces, and believes you can taste the quality in their products. 

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