Penterman Family Farm

"Exceptional milk makes impressive cheese. We have our cows to thank for that!"

"At Penterman Farm, we treat our cows with love and respect—it is a code we live by on the farm. In return, our herd provides us with full-flavored, remarkably consistent milk. Our cows relax in the sand in our free-stall barns. They have rotating back-scratcher brushes, sprinkler systems and fans to keep them cool. We like to call it the Cow Spa."

The Penterman Dairy Farm is 2 hours east of the Twin Cities in Thorp, WI. The farm is located across the street from their Marieke Gouda cheesemaking facility. Recently, the Penterman family opened a shop on site and invite visitors to see the farm and cheese making process up close.

The Penterman's Marieke Gouda has won many awards, including the US Grand Champion cheesemaking award in 2013. The Penterman's believe that the quality of their cheese has to do with the happiness of their animals and the freshness of the milk. "Early in the morning our cows provide the cheesemakers with the best quality fresh milk. Cheese is made within five hours of the cows being milked."

You'll find their delicious, award winning gouda in our cheese department at the co-op.