Rising Tide Scarves

"Shop Rising Tide and help a community thrive"

Rising Tide works with artists in the developing world to bring beautiful scarves and other clothing products to the United States. Through the sale of these unique items, Rising Tide directly improves the living standards of the low income artisans who make them. Over the past 27 years, they have built partnerships with artisans in developing countries. Rising Tide provides design input, technical assistance and access to the marketplace. As a result, Rising Tide's beautiful apparel is made with a combination of traditional textiles and artisan techniques (such as weaving, knitting, and felting) that not only looks great when worn, but supports artists in the developing world. 

All of Rising Tide's products are fair trade and made by hand. Learn more about Rising Tide on their website.  

You can find beautiful Rising Tide scarves in the Natural Home section at the front of the store.