Rochdale Farms Sheep Yogurt

Rochdale Farms already brings us delicious hand-rolled butter, several cheeses, and vanilla, plain, and greek-style cow yogurt. Luckily for us, they have partnered with Mayfell Sheep Dairy in Clear Lake, WI to bring us tasty sheep yogurt!  You'll find it with our other yogurts across from our freezers.

If you haven't tried sheep yogurt before, you'll find it to be a little richer and zestier than cow yogurt, but with a lighter finish. Sheep milk has a milder flavor than goat milk. 

Why sheep yogurt? Sheep milk is good for you! Sheep milk is higher in protein, calcium and essential vitamins than cow milk. Often, people who are lactose intolerant have an easier time consuming sheep milk due to its higher fat content and lower lactose content, making it a good cow milk alternative. Although sheep milk has a higher fat content, almost half of the fatty acids in sheep milk are unsaturated and therefore don't have an effect on cholesterol. 

And to top it all off, it's delicious!