Salad Girl Dressing

"We believe that eating fresh, organic goodness benefits us individually, communally, and environmentally. We are committed to bringing healthy, safe, and tasty organic products to your table."

Salad Girl was born in Northern Minnesota from a love of local produce and farms.  From handcrafting unique salads with home made vinaigrettes to selling her artisan recipe at Farmer's Markets and then grocery stores, Salad Girl has grown up and become a beloved local household staple.  Featuring truly original flavor profiles that appeal to adults and children alike. Salad girl can be found in the produce cooler at our store. 

Linden HIlls Co-op recently did a cooking demo at the Fulton Farmer’s Market. Shoppers were delighted by the salad skewers that we made! The recipe was simple. Your favorite salad greens with chevre, mint, craisins, then dusted with crushed walnuts and splashed with Salad Girl dressing.  Assemble bite size amounts on bamboo skewers or simply mix in a bowl.

Check out more Salad Skewer recipes on Salad Girl's website!