Seed Savers Exchange

Seed Savers Exchange seeds are here! 

The co-op is a proud vendor of Seed Savers Exchange seeds. Seed Savers Exchange works to preserve heirloom varities of fruit, flower and vegetable seeds so that unique heirloom plants are available for years to come. Seed Savers Exchange is a non-profit community of over 13,000 members maintaining a seed bank of over 20,000 unique varieties of plants. Seed Savers Exchange relies on their members to grow heirloom plants and save their seeds, so that their seeds can adapt to changing climate conditions and restock seedbanks. At the co-op, you'll find many unique varieties of vegetables and flowers including drangon's tongue beans and chocolate beauty bell peppers.

Visit the Seed Savers Exchange website for resources about seed saving, garden planning, events on the Heritage Farm and more.