Shepherd's Way Farms

"We believe there is a way to live that combines hard work, creativity, respect for the land and animals, and a focus on family and friends. We believe the small family-based farm still has a place in our society. Everything we do, everything we make, is in pursuit of this goal."

Shepherd’s Way is a small family farm that combines creativity, hard work and respect for the land and animals to create delicious artisan cheeses. Shepherd’s Way has approximately 200 ewes that make milk for their cheese, all made in small batches on the farm. Shepherd's Way also raises heritage breed chickens, heritage Black pigs and an assortment of other pigs that are fed the whey from cheesemaking. 

Shepherd’s Way Farms has always been an active part of the local food community, as part of the Mill City Farmer’s Market in Minneapolis, St. Paul Farmer’s market and the Eat Local Farm Tour. 

At the co-op, we carry several varieties of Shepherd’s Way cheeses. We’re proud to offer their award-winning Friesago, Hidden Falls Brie, Big Woods Blue and Shepherd’s Hope cheese. If you fall in love with Shepherd’s Way cheeses, they offer a yearlong CSA!