Spoon Optional

Summer soups are here!

Try these refreshing flavors chilled for a nourishing lunch on a hot summer day. 

Seasonal Summer Flavors


Corn & Yellow Pepper

Super Greens

Carrot, Tumeric & Ginger 

Spoon Optional makes fresh, organic, sippable soups for on-the-go.

Nancy Fink is the owner and founder of Spoon Optional. Her love of great food started when she was young, sitting in the kitchen watching her mom and grandma work their magic. Now, as a wife and mother of three young kids, she works to set the same example that her mom and grandma were for her at that age. 

Nancy believes that soup is a perfect source of nourishment. Her simple, whole ingredient soups are pureed and packaged in single serving jars. They can be eaten hot or cold. Spoon Optional soups are made for busy people in need of easy, nutritious and satisfying meals. 

Spoon Optional soups are low in sugar, high in fiber, organic and made with local ingredients. There are 13 varieties of pureed soups, on a seasonal rotation. All soups are vegan, made in a local kitchen with whole vegetables and herbs, organic ingredients and made without gluten. "All that good stuff, without the bad."

You can find Spoon Optional soups near the salad bar. Learn more about Nancy and her sippable soups on the Spoon Optional website