Sunleaf Naturals

Sunleaf's pure and simple mission: "Create beautiful products that perform and smell amazing and allow real plant power to shine through!"

Truly a success story, Sunleaf Naturals started years ago as a tiny Waconia-based soapmaker with only a few products but today Sunleaf sells its shampoo soaps, candles, diffusers and body oils all over the country. Don’t worry, though, Sunleaf hasn’t forgotten its roots--the company is still local and still committed to using fresh plant ingredients and 100% pure essential oils.

Sunleaf’s newest creations include their Bee-Friendly Soaps in Citrus and Floral scents made with nourishing bee propolis and moisturizing honey harvested along the Seminary Fen, a protected ecosystem. A portion of a profits from the sale of these beautiful soaps goes to support bee research, education and stewardship. What will Sunleaf Naturals think of next?