The Honest Company

"We are committed to operating with integrity & transparency, and with humble honesty, as we strive to always create better, do better, and be better."

Co-founded by Jessica Alba with an “intense responsibility to give her children the best start possible,” The Honest Company is built on safety, sustainability, convenience and affordability. They offer eco-friendly products for you, your home and your children—everything from cleaning supplies, to diapers, to personal care.

You will now find a selection of The Honest Company cleaning products at the co-op, in addition to the many personal care products that we carry. These include dishwasher gel and packs, dish soaps, bathroom cleaner and multi-surface cleaner. Look for these in aisle 4 with our other household cleaning products. All products are made without toxins or harsh chemicals, with honest ingredient listings describing the origin and purpose of each ingredient.

Aside from making products that are safe, effective, and lovely to look at, The Honest Company is committed to social and ecological responsibility and transparency. They have joined a diverse group of businesses with B Corporation Certifications, (the B standing for benefit) meaning they use their resources and influence to create a better community, environment, and world and work to redefine what success means as a business.

The Honest Company actively devotes their time, money and products to two main focuses: whole child development of children ages 0-3 and education and skill-training for youth to pursue their dreams. This includes funding research and training for healthy development of young children, nutrition education programs, health and safety education in cleaning practices and donating non-toxic products to schools and childcare centers.

The Honest Company is making many environmental strides and commitments for their product, packaging and business practices. They are committed to minimizing petroleum-based plastic in their packaging, and are on the path to 100% plant-based, sustainably-sourced packaging. They currently use post-consumer resin in their bottles, re-usable packaging, and post-consumer recycled materials for shipping. Business operations follow strict enviromental guidelines for how their warehouses and offices are built or renovated, how their company ships ingredients and products, and how their buildings source their energy, using 100% renewable energy sources. The Honest Company believes “a sustainable product isn’t only what’s inside or how it’s wrapped.”

If you are interested in learning more about The Honest Company, visit their Health and Sustainability Standards page for more information.